Negative Contractions

These tables show you all the short forms of auxiliary verbs and modals followed by ’not'.

Auxiliary + not

We can use the present and past form of auxiliary verbs with ’not’ in the short form.

|long form

short form
have nothaven’t
has nothasn’t
is notisn’t
are notaren’t
do notdon’t
does notdoesn’t

Auxiliary + not (present)

There is no short form of ‘am not’.
long formshort form
had nothadn’t
was notwasn’t
were notweren’t
did notdidn’t

Auxiliary + not (past)

long formshort form
can notcan’t
could notcouldn’t
shall notshan’t
should notshouldn’t
will notwon’t
would notwouldn’t
must notmustn’t
might notmightn’t

Modal + not

Is it uncommon to use the short form of ‘may not’.

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