Non-continuous Verbs (State Verbs)

Non-continuous verbs, or state verbs, are verbs that we can’t use in the continuous form.

Most verbs talk about actions. State verbs don’t talk about actions, they talk about states, feelings, possession, and things that happen inside our heads.

State verbs usually talk about things that are permanent and do not change.

Example of How to Use State Verbs

I know the answer (correct)

I am knowing the answer (not correct)

I love my daughter (correct)

I am loving my daughter (not correct)

Common State Verbs


  • dislike
  • fear
  • feel
  • hate
  • like
  • love
  • prefer

Things Inside our Heads

  • believe
  • forget
  • imagine
  • know
  • realise
  • recognise
  • remember
  • understand


  • belong
  • own

Other State Verbs

  • care
  • mean
  • need
  • promise
  • seem
  • surprise
  • want
  • wish