Business Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal VerbMeaningExample
branch outexpandWe need to branch out into new markets.
break intoenter (with effort or force)It is difficult to break into the American market.
carry oncontinueJohn carried on working after the shop closed.
close downstop operatingThe company had to close down because of financial problems.
look forward toanticipate with pleasureI look forward to meeting you next week.
note downwriteNote down the address so you don’t forget.
step downresign or leave (a position/job)The manager stepped down for family reasons.
take offrise quicklySales took off last quarter.
take upoccupy or fill (time)The meeting will take up the morning.
weigh upconsiderI will weigh up the advantages and disadvantages.
back upmake a copy ofBack up your computer files before you leave.
carry outperform or conductWe plan to carry out a customer survey next month.
come uphappen or ariseSomething has come up, so I can’t come to the meeting.
get onmake progressHow did you get on with the report yesterday?
keep up withfollowDo you keep up with the financial news?
set upstart (a business)Kate is setting up a business as a translator.
go throughexperienceThe company is going through a difficult time.
find outdiscover or obtain (information)Can you find out the sales figures for last month?
call offcancelThe conference was called off because there was a problem with the venue.
call backreturn a phone callCan you call back later?
deal withhandle (a problem)I deal with customer complaints.
drop invisitI will drop in tomorrow morning.
fill outcomplete (a form)Please fill out this form.
hold onwaitCan you hold on, please?
join inparticipatePlease join in and share your ideas.
lay offfire (staff)We have to lay off 20 people because of the financial crisis.
put backdelay or postponeThe meeting has been put back until next week.
run out ofhave no more of somethingThe printer has run out of ink.
sort outorganise or fixI need to sort out my travel plans.
take onemploy (staff)The business is growing, so we need to take on more staff.

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