Phrasal Verbs for Everyday Activities

  • wake up

I wake up at 7:00.

My alarm rings at 7:00. I am awake.
  • get up

I get up at 7:30

I leave the bed at 7:30.
  • sleep in

I sleep in on Sunday.

I stay in bed for longer than normal on Sunday. I get up at 9:00 instead of 7:30.
  • put on

I put on clothes after a shower.

I dress myself.
  • take off

I take off my glasses before bed.

I remove my glasses.
  • turn on

I turn on the light.

I make the light shine.
  • turn off

I turn off the light.

I make the light stop.
  • go out

I go out at 8:30.

I leave the house at 8:30
  • wash up

I wash up after dinner.

I clean all the dishes after dinner.
  • pick up

I pick up the children from school at 3:00.

I collect the children after school.
  • drop off

I drop off the children at school at 9:00

I take the children to school. They arrive at 9:00.

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