What is a Syllable?

All words are made up of sounds. If you break a word into its different sounds you have the syllables.

Listen To The Beat

You can think of syllables as the beats in the words. Like the beats in music.

A word with one (1) syllable has one beat.

One syllable words
Word Syllables
cat cat
meet meet
play play

A word with two (2) syllables has two beats.

Two syllable words
Word Syllables
hello hel-lo
happy hap-py
music mus-ic

A word with three (3) syllables has three beats.

Three syllable words
Word Syllables
beautiful beau-ti-ful
holiday hol-i-day

Some words have lots of syllables.

Word Syllables
refrigeration re-frig-er-a-tion

Look For The Vowels

When you break a word into syllables, look for the vowels in the word. Each syllable has a vowel sound. Vowel sounds are made by vowels and the letter 'y'.

Vowels are the letters a, e, i, o, u.

How Can Syllables Help Me?

Syllables help you pronounce words correctly. One syllable will always be stressed more than the other syllables.