Plural Nouns

Nouns can be singular or plural.

Use the singular form when you are talking about one (1) thing.

Use the plural form when you are talking about two (2) or more things.

Singular = 1 Plural = 2+

Nouns are naming words. They are the names of people, places, things, and ideas.

Making Plural Nouns

To make a noun plural you add -s to the end

Singular (1)Plural (2+)

Singular and Plural

I have a book.

You are talking about 1 book (singular).

John has 3 books.

You are talking about 3 books (plural).
Some nouns don’t have plural forms. These are called uncountable nouns.

Irregular plurals

Some plural nouns are irregular. They don’t follow the rule of adding -s.

You have to learn and remember irregular plurals.

Singular (1)Plural (2+)

Irregular Plurals

You can find the plural forms of common irregular plurals in the irregular plurals list.