Wordsearch 1 for Beginners - New eBook for ESL Teachers

UK, Europe - 21 July 2009 - Megan Miln, author and creator of The English Space, today announced the launch of her first book: The English Space Wordsearch 1 for Beginners. The book is written to help English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers and students.

Wordsearch 1 for Beginners provides straight-forward, photocopiable, wordsearch activities that teachers can incorporate into their vocabulary lessons. The book includes a selection of activity ideas to add variety to the ESL classroom.

“Wordsearch 1 for Beginners draws on my classroom experience as an ESL teacher” said Megan Miln, author, “Wordsearches are a fun way to reinforce vocabulary”.

Pricing and Availability

The English Space Wordsearch 1 for Beginners is available as an electronic book, in PDF format, through The English Space website, https://www.TheEnglishSpace.com/buy for 15EUR.

The English Space Wordsearch 1 for Beginners is published by Dragon Systems Software Limited (DssW).

About Megan Miln

Megan is a qualified English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher. She has taught English to teenagers and adults in three countries: Thailand, Australia, and France. Megan has taught within academic, business, and government environments.

In 2008, Megan set up The English Space, a web sited dedicated to providing clear, understandable English lessons and learning materials for ESL students. Since being established, the web site has attracted a wide audience from over 100 countries.