At a Hotel

You Say

I’d like a room for 2 nights, please?

Can I see the room, please?

Do you have a room with a bath?

What time is breakfast?

What time is check out?

I’d like to check out, please.

You Hear

Do you have a reservation?

How many nights?

Do you want a single room or a double room?

Do you want breakfast?

Sorry, we’re full. = Sorry, I don’t have any rooms available.

Your room number is 345.


Can I have another room please, this one is ... .

  • not clean
  • too noisy

Can I have ... please?

  • some towels
  • extra blankets
  • extra pillows
  • some soap
  • some toilet paper
We use ‘some’ when we don’t know the exact number or amount. Learn more about using ‘some’.

The ... is broken.

  • air conditioner
  • shower
  • television

Using It

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