Conversations at a Hotel

Arriving at the Hotel

There are a few different conversations you might have with the hotel receptionist when you arrive at a hotel.

Conversation 1

      Mike: I’d like a room for two people, for three nights please.
      Hotel Receptionist: Ok, I just need you to fill in this form please.
      Hotel Receptionist: Do you want breakfast?
      Mike: Yes, please.
      Hotel Receptionist: Breakfast is from 7 to 10 each morning in the dining room. Here is your key. Your room number is 345, on the third floor. Enjoy your stay.
      Mike: Thank you.

Conversation 2

      Lisa: I’d like a room please.
      Hotel Receptionist: Do you have a reservation?
      Lisa: No, I don’t.
      Hotel Receptionist: How many nights?
      Lisa: Two nights, please.
      Hotel Receptionist: For two people?
      Lisa: Yes.
      Hotel Receptionist: Do you want breakfast?
      Lisa: No, thank you.
      Hotel Receptionist: Ok, that will be $210. Do you want to pay now, or when you check out?
      Lisa: I’ll pay now.
      Hotel Receptionist: Can you fill this in, and sign here please.
      Hotel Receptionist: Thank you. Here is your receipt and your key. You are in room 231, on the second floor.

Leaving the Hotel

      Mike: I’d like to check out please.
      Hotel Receptionist: What room number?
      Mike: 231
      Hotel Receptionist: That’s $250 please.
    :: Mike pays the hotel receptionist.
      Hotel Receptionist: Thank you. Sign here please. Have a good journey.
      Mike: Thank you.

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