Shopping For Clothes

You Say

How much is this?

Can I see ... please?

  • that bag
  • that jacket
  • those shoes

Can I try it on?

Do you have this in ... ?

  • a smaller size
  • a bigger size
  • size 12
  • a different colour
  • blue

Can I return it?

You Hear

Can I help you?

Can I check your bag?

Do you have a loyalty card?

In the changing rooms

The assistant might ask a question after you try clothes on: How was it? Was it ok? Did you like it? Will you take it?

If you want to buy it say: “I’ll take it”

If you don’t want to buy it say: “No, thank you”


I’d like to return this please.

Can I have a refund?

Using It

Now that you know the phrases, see how they work in a conversation: Conversations for buying clothes

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