Conversations at a Clothes Shop

Trying on Clothes

      Assistant: Can I help you?
      Lisa: Yes, how much is that skirt?
      Assistant: It’s $40.
      Lisa: Can I try it on?
      Assistant: Yes, what size are you?
      Lisa: I don’t know.
      Assistant: Ok, try a size 10. The changing room is over there.

:: Lisa puts on the skirt. It’s too small.

      Lisa: Do you have it in a bigger size?
      Assistant: Yes, here you are.
      Lisa: Thank you

:: Lisa puts on the new skirt. It fits.

      Assistant: How was it?
      Lisa: I’ll take it.

Returning Something to the Shop

      Mike: I’d like to return this please.
      Assistant: Do you have the receipt?
      Mike: Yes

:: Mike gives the receipt to the assistant.

      Assistant: Would you like to choose something else?
      Mike: No, can I have a refund please?

:: The assistant gives Mike the money.

      Assistant: Here you are.
      Mike: Thank you.

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