Conversations at a Supermarket

At the Deli Counter

      Mike: I’d like 200 grams of olives please.
      Assistant: Anything else?
      Mike: Yes, 10 slices of ham please.
      Assistant: Anything else?
      Mike: No that’s all.

Looking for Items

      Lisa: Excuse me, I’m looking for pasta.
      Assistant: It’s in aisle 6.
      Lisa: Thank you.

At the Checkout

      Assistant: How are you today?
      Mike: Well, thank you.

:: Assistant scans the items.

      Assistant: Do you have a loyalty card?
      Mike: No.
      Assistant: That’s $15.

:: Mike gives the assistant cash.

      Assistant: Here is your change and your receipt.
      Mike: Thank you.
      Assistant: Thank you. Bye.

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