Conversations for Taking a Train

Buying a Ticket to the City

      Lisa: I’d like a ticket to Central station please.

:Ticket Seller: Single or return?

      Lisa: Return please.

:Ticket Seller: That’s $7.50 :Ticket Seller: Here’s your ticket.

      Lisa: What platform is it?

:Ticket Seller: Platform 2.

      Lisa: What time is the train?

:Ticket Seller: There’s one every 20 minutes.

      Lisa: Thank you.

Making a Reservation for Long Distance Trips

      Mike: I’d like a ticket from Sydney to Melbourne for the 18th of November please.

:Ticket Seller: Single or return?

      Mike: Single please.

:Ticket Seller: First class or second class?

      Mike: Second class, please.

:Ticket Seller: Your name please?

      Mike: Mike Smith

:Ticket Seller: That’s $120

:: Mike pays the ticket seller.

:Ticket Seller: Thank you :Ticket Seller: Here is your ticket and receipt. The train leaves at 6:15 in the morning. You need to be at the station 30 minutes before.

      Mike: Thank you.
It helps to write all the details of your trip on a piece of paper that you can give to the cashier when you buy your ticket.

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